About Jeff & Terry

Author & Illustrator


Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson grew up on a family farm in Linn County, Iowa. He fell in love with the land as he tramped the woodlots and creeks near his rural home, rode horses in the moonlight and bonded with animals domestic and wild. Adventure lured him to the Northwoods of Wisconsin where he found his true passion, the wild country and animals of the Lake Superior region. His 30+ year career as a wildlife technician for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources found him moving problem bears and beaver, assisting with research on loons, eagles and osprey, aging deer and conducting wildlife surveys. He learned to be at home in an eagle nest at the top of a super canopy white pine, driving the rugged forest roads tracking furbearers, and spending nights under the stars banding loons. His vocation went beyond the 40-hour work week, and included wildlife projects in 6 countries and 5 states from the Arctic tundra to the mountains of Nepal.

Wrong Tree Adventures in Wildlife Biology is his first full length book. He has written for a number of popular publications, created educational materials and co-authored technical papers. He currently spends his time between his island cabin on the Turtle Flambeau Flowage and Lake Superior, adventuring with his wife, artist illustrator, Terry Daulton, his grandchildren and many friends featured in Wrong Tree.

Always up for a visitor, drop him an email and come by. You will for sure hear a good story and maybe become part of another adventure!

Terry Daulton

Terry Daulton, Jeff’s intrepid partner for over 25 years, specializes in environmental education. Her work often crosses boundaries between the arts and sciences, creating traveling art and science exhibits. Her fine art, mostly pastels and printmaking, can be seen in galleries in northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.  She has illustrated a number of books, publications and interpretive exhibits in scratchboard and ink. She volunteers as coordinator for the art/science collaboration Drawing Water, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Limnology field station at Trout Lake. She is also a founder of the conservation organization Wisconsin’s Green Fire which works to promote use of science in natural resources policy.