New Release
Wrong Tree

Adventures in Wildlife Biology

Publisher: Cornerstone Press - UWSP (February 2023)
Illustrator: Terry Daulton
Length: 296 pages
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.67(d)
ISBN13: 979-8986144788

Wrong Tree begins on a small family farm and takes the reader on Jeff Wilson’s wildlife journey from the fields of Iowa to the north woods of Wisconsin, and ultimately to far flung locations around the world. His tales involve beaver, bear, osprey, and loon, to name a few, weaving natural history and science into adventures that leave you laughing. Whether Jeff is sharing his pickup cab with beaver co-pilots, trapping and releasing black bear, or gripping the flakey bark of a pine tree as he climbs into an eagle nest you will come away wiser about the ways of nature and inspired to seek adventure in life.

Wrong Tree fits within the cadre of books dealing with wildlife management and environmental policy, challenging the reader to consider serious issues such as climate change and biodiversity while enjoying a rollicking tale.

I was a fellow wildlife professional with Jeff Wilson and many of the stories touched very close to home for me. However, anyone who enjoys wildlife and the great outdoors will be captivated by the stories in Wrong Tree. Jeff’s adventures are entertaining and educational. The experiences of a real life field biologist are cleverly blended with ecological knowledge and important events in Wisconsin wildlife conservation to create wonderful stories. Terry Daulton’s artwork is a valuable bonus.

Scott Craven. Professor emeritus, Wildlife Ecology 
University of Wisconsin- Madison.  Member, Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame.

I wouldn’t have believed half of the stories in this book if I hadn’t been there myself!

John Olson, Retired Furbearer Specialist and Wildlife Biologist, Wisconsin DNR

His wild and often amusing lifestyle, captured in this book, shows that he is the last of a breed. But our movement, environmentalism, is not dying and Jeff offers a beacon for the next generation to preserve its ties to the land. 

Rocky Barker, Pulitzer Finalist and author of Scorched Earth: How the Fires of Yellowstone Changed America, Saving all the Parts: Reconciling Economics and the Endangered Species Act, and a nationally syndicated journalist on the environment and conservation topics.

Jeff's adventures (or misadventures) in wildlife biology, are incredibly informative, entertaining, occasionally hilarious, and passionate in the concern for the wildlife of the Midwest, North America, and the future.

Ellen Akins, author of novels including Home Movie, Little Woman, and Hometown Brew.

As a DNR Wildlife Technician, Jeff Wilson spent 21 years banding ospreys, helping manage beavers, dealing with bears and so much more. His love for animals began during his growing-up years on an Iowa farm when he had wild animals as pets. Especially memorable was his pet fox, Zorro.  Here is a well-written story of love for the outdoors and especially its wildlife.

Jerry Apps, author of Whispers and Shadows, A Naturalists Memoir.

 I always knew Jeff Wilson could tell a good story, but this book proves he can write one too.

Jeff Richter, Photographer,  White Deer and owner Nature’s Press.

Jeff Wilson…is a world class individual and has more stories than anyone I have ever met.  Should you ever be blessed one day to sit around a campfire with Jeff, you will be in for a real treat. 

Jim Paruk, author of Loon Lessons and associate professor of biology at St Joseph College.

Jeff's book is an illuminating and entertaining journey of inquiry into the wonders of nature. 

Tia Nelson, environmentalist and daughter of Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson.